What does it contain?

The Research Portal is a platform containing all current and past publications from Commodities, Covered Bonds, Credit, Cross Asset Strategy, Economics, Emerging Markets, Equity, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates und Technical Analysis & Index. To gain access to the portal, registration is required.

How can I register?

Access to the Research Portal can be requested per e-mail: researchportal-servicedesk@commerzbank.com

How can I grant access to my clients?

Specific contacts can be granted access by stating the company, the full name of the contact and the respective e-mail address to researchportal-servicedesk@commerzbank.com

Who can help me with any technical questions?

Technical support is available under tel. +49 69 136 26666 or researchportal-servicedesk@commerzbank.com

Why can I not see some areas of the Portal?

This is either because access has been granted for specific areas only or research subscriptions have already been submitted for certain asset classes and access was automatically granted for these. For access to Equity and Credit Research please consult your Sales contact.

I have activated my account. Why can I still not see any research?

To view Research, you either have to be registered with a user name and password or need to access the Portal via a digital certificate. Beforehand, you must have successfully activated your account by entering your user ID and setting a password once.

What is a digital certificate?

Registered clients can download a digital certificate to avoid having to log in again every time they visit the website. Beforehand, you must have successfully activated your account by entering your user ID and setting a password once.

How do I load a digital certificate onto my computer?

Instructions for this can be found here! (PDF 3142.32 KB)

I have downloaded the Research Portal App from the App Store or Google Play. How do I log in?

Your login details for the App are the same as for the browser version of the Research Portal. By default, your user name is your full email address written in lower case. You have created your own password.

If you cannot remember your login details you can contact technical support at +49 69 136 26666 or email researchportal-servicedesk@commerzbank.com to have your profile reset. You will receive and email to re-activate your account which has to be done within 7 days.
Please note that changing your password always concerns browser and App access.